Ok, if you don’t think I’m Israeli…look again

24 Jul

Here’s some of the fun stuff I hadn’t mentioned earlier…mostly bc I either forgot to write about it or it didn’t fit at the moment.

Let’s talk gift shopping…My dear dear Romachka, I went shopping at least 10 times to find your t-shirts that you asked for. AT LEAST 10! You must be kinda special. Mind you, at the beginning of the trip my Hebrew was rusty so I kept having to explain that, “No, I’m not looking for clothing for me, it’s for a friend.” and, “Not the v-neck, not this fabric, not this style.” Yup, I looked so weird – but all in the name of luv šŸ™‚

I was in the shuk one night and found a present for 2 friends…But I didn’t want to get ripped off, so I pretended I didn’t speak English, only Russian, and Nicole pretended that she only spoke Spanish. We pulled it off – I got the necklaces at a decent price.Ā 

On my last day at the kotel I was dressed super tsnius and getting ready to go pray. The lady at the entrance yelled at me and wanted me to put on these poncho-like things they give people who aren’t tsnius. I was so upset – and to make matters worse it’s bc I have a big chest. Really lady?!? Annoying.

I learned the russian word “nu?!” is actually Israeli. Yup, everywhere I went, I would use it and people assumed I was Israeli. Typically when trying to get by, or get someone’s attention, or to catch a bus…Nu?

Beach…oh beach. Dear Tel Aviv beach goers, thank you for allowing the gigantic rip-off of the lay-out things. These “thugs” are such a rip off. Ok, venting done.

Ah, my phone situation. Not only did I get SUPER lucky that my friend lent me his phone, but I also got an Israeli SIM card. Albeit 2.5 weeks late – bc hey, who cares if I pay through the roof the first 2.5 weeks and have ZERO contact with people…

Ok, more stories to come…


PS – a HUGE shoutout to my lovely Roman, you are anĀ irreplaceableĀ friend. mwah!

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