I’m like a real Israeli…

12 Jul

Jenna asked me to babysit one night for a couple she knows well. She couldn’t do it, and entrusted me. AWESOMENESS! Plus I get to pick up some extra shekel…I should probably mention that I used to get TOTALLY lost in the Old City – where the couple lives. This paired with the fact that when I needed to mail something, Jenna gave me semi-poor directions – I was uber nervous. Well, I left work at Sha’are Tzedek, and headed to the Old City. Did you know that the Jaffe Nof stop is one away from Mount Hertzl – and it is where the train stops near my work…? Well, I hop on the train to head to the Old City – and I hop on the wrong train. I get to the end of the line, realize my mistake and run to the train headed back…Whoops – and here I pride myself on being good with directions. Shhhhh, don’t tell anyone :)~

I also arrive late – how embarrassing! But I’m not actually late, because they need me to start later. Since I’m already there, I figure I will get to know the kids. It was UBER fun – and I would have done it for no pay…But I appreciate the funds 🙂

Later that night, Jenna comes over and hangs out with me. The kids are asleep, well all but one, and we chat for less than 30 mins. The parents come home, and Jenna and I head out. It’s party night in honor of Victoria’s imminent departure. Since I’m dressed super frum (to be respectful of the family), I ask Jenna if we can stop by and then head home. As we walk by New Deli, Jenna and I decide to grab a bite first.

Mega yum!! Hint hint Chicago! Get a New Deli please!!!

We run into the group, and take a few pictures…I tell them I gotta change and will come back out…Jenna and I try to take a bus home and head to the stop.

We wait and wait and no bus is coming – we missed the last bus. There’s a guy that approaches and asks us if the bus already came. We tell him we’ve been waiting for 30 mins w/o seeing it – and we need the same one.

As we’re making small talk, the guy says we prolly have to walk. I offer him the unique position of carrying me home. At some point in the conversation he asks if we’re from Neve. I turn beet red and we continue to talk/flirt. (Ok, I think it was flirting…I think he’s mad cute, but Jenna doesn’t agree. Better news for me :] )

At some point a taxi shows up and we all take it together. We drop him off in Gevat Shaul, and head home. I don’t end up meeting up with the girls, but Jenna and I have a great time chatting… 🙂


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