Bowling Outting

11 Jul

Bowling night with the girls was fun. I got 1the 2nd highest score šŸ™‚ but it cost me 3 broken nails…ugh. (nana you feel me?)

Our team was perfect: Jenna, me, Nicole, Victoria, and Alex. We got beers, pizza, and popcorn…again no judging on my food choices šŸ™‚

We took so many group pictures. I think that as time flies by we realize our time together is limited. I think thats what makes us bond more. We also hit up the arcade, and Jenna and I played basketball. As we’re gettin ready to leave, there’s a dance club and we go inside to just dance. After 20 mins, we get on the sherut and head home. Fun night!

I wanted to go out…needed to change first though. I got back, talked to a friend on the phone, and zonked out. Dang!

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