This is how we Greece it…

9 Jul

Before you go thinking to yourself, “what the hell is she doing going to Greece,” you should know that airfare (and other costs) are WAY cheaper from Israel to Europe than from the States…and you know I love to travel.

A little backdrop on how this came about…

Approx 2 weeks ago, Nicole comes back to our dorm saying that she’s definitely in for Greece. I’m like, “What? When?!?” And then she tells me that Sheba is planning a trip. I hightail it to her, and immediately burst out saying, “I’m definitely in.” And from there we move forward. I’m not very informed about the research for the trip, nor the websites being used. (I know, I know – I’m not sure how I gave up control on this one…)

It all comes to fruition on the Monday before we’re supposed to leave, July 2nd. Except we can’t book yet because the prices are still high and two people aren’t sure if they’re going…Tuesday, it’s all decided! Nicole and I are rooming together, and Shani and Maayan are going together. We almost get the best deal @$269 Thursday, July 5th through Sunday, July 8th. But alas, the girls take forever, and we only find out last minute that you MUST have an Israeli ID and credit card! OMG, what are we to do?!? Ok, breathe…I call Misha (za step-bro) and asked him if we can use his. He agreed – so kind of him, right??!? I promised that the girls would ALL get me the money, and we’d pay him asap. (MORE on that later…no joke – I’m such a dummy for being so trusting.)

OMG, we’re booked for Greece. Anything that happened that sucked, our response was, “We’re going to Greece.”

As always, I overpacked for Greece. The airport in Tel Aviv is AMAZING. Those that have traveled through there know what I’m talking about…Off to Greece! With a status update on FB stating that, “Off to the Greek Islands for the weekend.”

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