Kosher wine should not be spilled…

9 Jul

Before I write about my time in GREECE!!!, I wanted to jot down a few notes about my time after GREECE!!!

The girls have decided that we’re celebrating Julia’s birthday at Waffle Bar. Awesome! I make an effort to be home in time to go out with everyone. The Egged takes forever to get to Jerusalem – or so it seems. I finally make it back to our dorms! Jenna (madricha) and I had already spoken, and she told me she’d wait for me to get back and shower so we could go together. The other girls are SUPER hungry after the fast (17th of Tamuz) and go to our cafeteria for a quick bite before leaving. I get to my room to unpack and quickly shower. Jenna and Nicole (who has decided that she doesn’t want to go out because she’s tired post-Greece) make eggs. We sit around and enjoy each the company and good food before heading out.

Jenna and I walk over to the bus stop, and as luck would have it the bus we need is waiting there. We run, because if you know anything about Israeli buses they will leave without you. Yea! We made it onto the bus. We head over to Tachana Merkazit to hop on the train to get to Ben Yehuda. The train doors close and leave right as we get to the station…We end up walking (20 minute walk…not bad – and quite healthy). Along our walk we have some funny moments – the guy that’s peeing in a corner where “nobody can see him”, the cockroach that I kill (yup, one less roach in Jerusalem thanks to me!). and Jenna stepping in weird looking puke – it could have been a food spill maybe.

At the Waffle Bar, the girls are in full fun mode. Jenna and I agree to split a waffle (half the calories!!) but the toppings she puts on it are insane…ok get this! We spent 53 shekel on a waffle with dark chocolate, berries, vanilla ice cream, whip cream, and oreo cookie crumbs…For my calorie-conscious friends – please DO NOT tell me how bad this is for you, I know. But, YOLO (you only live once) and thus I couldn’t pass up this magnificent opportunity to try a delicatessen…plus Jenna chose the toppings :)~

We decide that a bottle of wine will go really well with our waffle. We get a nice bottle of red, and by the time we return the rest of the girls are gone. We laugh, and decide to enjoy the bottle and waffle together. The “Waffle Queen” tells us about the waffles she makes, and we enjoy the evening together. One glass (realistically speaking it’s a plastic cup…lol) of wine each and half a waffle. Well, some random girl decides that the way they made the waffle isn’t to her liking so they have a leftover waffle…You guessed it – we ate the half of the waffle with the whip cream and berries. No, I’m not going to feel bad about it, and no I didn’t die from sugar overload…Jenna and I split the half waffle, so really we each had 3/4 of a waffle…not too bad.

Jenna puts the wine, corked, into her purse and we head out to the train station…time to go home and sleep. Jenna sits down and all of a sudden there is something red dripping from her purse. LOL. She quickly opens it to find the wine bottle has come uncorked and everything is wet. She’s quickly removing everything from her bag and I can’t stop laughing…see, just minutes before I told her that I hope the wine doesn’t spill…Back to the story at hand…

This guy sitting next to Jenna on the train thinks we’re absolutely nuts. The wine is all over the floor, I’m holding an semi-filled open bottle of red wine, and laughing a lot. Then the guy turns to me and reminds me that I can’t have open containers past 11pm. Oooops? This makes me laugh even more – especially since I don’t particularly want to have the wine in my hands, but have no choice. The entire train car smells like wine, and the floor is covered in it. Imagine the scene in your mind for a moment and you too will laugh. I laughed so hard I needed to pee – you know it was intense 😉

At the Central Bus Station stop we get off the train and laugh at the mess we just left. We get on the bus to our dorms and 20 mins later we’re back home. All of Jenna’s stuff smells of wine, and we just can’t stop laughing.


Winegate 2012!

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