Week 3 cont’d – It was epic. It was legen–wait for it–dary!

1 Jul

Oh Thursday…what can I tell y’all? It was epic. It was legen– wait for it–dary!

So I start this post off where I finished the previous one…

For a few days the girls were talking about going to Layla Lavan (White Night). It’s a HUGE party in Tel Aviv. Look at the following links to see what I’m talking about:




I hadn’t planned on going for a few reasons – that weekend we had a mandatory Shabbat and I wasn’t really sure I’d wanna spend that much money on one night, plus wake up in time for Ein Gedi/Dead Sea trip that Friday. But!!! Nicole’s aunt was in town, and went to lunch with her. Afterwards, Nicole calls me and says that her aunt has a room in Tel Aviv in one of the hotels and invited us. It’s supposed to be an amazing cultural experience and party. How can I say no?!?

We agree to meet in the room after her internship, and get ready to go. I had a personal errand to run that day, but it wasn’t going to take long…

I straighten my hair for the first time on this trip, pack my bag, and wear my new white dress. We’re off to Layla Lavan…!!! Turns out that Shani & Alex had also decided to go, much to our surprise. Let me tell you, this is a MUCH better way to celebrate a Thursday night rather than go to Ben Yehuda.

We arrive in Tel Aviv and take a sherut to the Hilton. I mean, it’s just a hotel right? Well, after our dorms and the hostel from the previous weekend, I was just thrilled. And it did not disappoint. We put our stuff down, got in touch with the aunt and went out. First stop? Fro-yo of course! But I detrack…Initially the aunt was busy so we were going to meet up with some of the guys. Orry had messaged me earlier in the day and I told him about it, and he told the other Ohr Sameach boys…So there were at least 3 guys that I knew at Layla Lavan. We were walking over to meet them when Nicole’s aunt called. We agreed to meet at Rahov Gordon and Ben Yehuda … and since we were waiting we decided that we’d get fro-yo. Well, the aunt calls and we need to meet her elsewhere – Nicole wants me to talk to them bc I know where I’m going. J

During our walk over to Allenby & Rothschild, we pick up free energy drinks. While there, a guy invites the two of us to a pub. In the middle of his invitation he turns to me and asks if my hair is real. I literally freeze, and don’t know how to respond. After a full minute of silence, I turn to Nicole and laugh. We walk away giggling like crazy. While waiting for her aunt, people keep asking us for directions – makes me feel so Israeli. And!!! I know where they’re headed so I’m able to give good directions. (All jokes may be made in the form of commentary.J) We meet up with Nicole’s aunt and walk over to Rothschild and Allenby. (Lena, this is the street that had the curbside sushi bar we liked.) There are paintings and concerts. It’s so loud, such fun. We sit down for some drinks. I will take a moment to mention that the aunt had been drinking before, and that we should give her props for walking SO far with us. Nicole and I split a bottle of Champagne. YUM. After a little while, we leave and head back to the beach, while the aunt plans on going back to the hotel to sleep.

We text the guys, and it’s just Jacob1 and Eddy. We meet up, and stay out until 530am at Layla Lavon. Oh what a night! Mayer, Jacob1’s friend, joins us. The guys walk us back to the hotel. How sweet. I’m definitely buzzed post Champagne, and half a beer and half a mojito. Once in the room, I can’t sleep so I go back downstairs and chill with the boys for a bit. At 630am I’m so tired so I go to sleep. 9am wake ups are SO not my thing.

But guess what?!? Nicole’s amazing family is taking us to brunch. WOW. Her other aunt comes to pick us up and take us to this beautiful brunch spot. We both refrain from eating their delicious bread, until her uncle puts it in our plates. Who are we to say no? J Brunch is great – one of the cousins is super hot! Too bad he has a girlfriend. Brunch food is so good. Omelets with feta cheese, scrambles eggs, jam…cappuccino! I’m telling you, I can’t go back to dorm food. Post-brunch Nicole’s aunt takes us to boutiques. We shop around for a couple of hours (please note that I did not buy anything…) and then walk back to the hotel. Over 5 kilometers of a walk!

As I mentioned before, our mandatory Shabbat is that night. We get back to the hotel and realize that we are running so late. We get ready and head out – worried that the Egged buses have stopped running. We get really lucky and make it onto the last Egged bus to Jerusalem! There are no empty seats. So take the steps, telling ourselves that this will make getting off the bus faster. Behind us is a girl from the States, and in front of us is an Israeli soldier. The four of us get to talking; he’s from LA (Encino actually) and the girl is from NYC. For the first part of the ride we all interact, but it is becoming quite evident that the soldier really likes her. At the first stop, many people get off the bus, and we all move to the back. Nicole and I sit together, and the soldier sits with NYC girl. I think we helped make a shiduch!

Upon getting back to Jerusalem, we forget that the bus systems have changed. We finally make it to the dorms, change for Shabbat and race our butts to the Old City.

To be continued…

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