Week 3…wait, what?!?

30 Jun

OK, this blog post is really late – especially since I started the blog during week 3…here goes 🙂

A few points I’ve left out up until this point

– my madricha, Jenna, calls me kharif (spicy). It’s because I have a smart mouth 🙂 (oh don’t be so surprised peoples, it’s me after all.)

– my roommates and I tried to workout in our room once, I pooped out. Must do more abs, and gain some endurance…

– Jew-calling Definition: When one is almost out of minutes and calls another person, and hangs up before they answer thus forcing the callee to call back the caller…Yup, we do that when we are almost out of minutes since incoming calls are free.


Let’s start at the beginning of the week – especially since it was good 🙂

Sunday I went for an intense run…and I mean intense. If anyone knows these blocks, they’re insanely long/large. Woah! 1.5 miles around. That’s right, this big butt did it…We left as a group – Nicole, Jenna, Sofia, me. We came back in pairs. Nicole and Jenna are really good runners; Jenna has done the Jerusalem marathon!!! I started off at first at a good pace, but it was soon VERY obvious that the run was not to be taken lightly (at least by me). I ended up walked a small portion, and then started running again. Since at this point the rest of the girls were WAY ahead of me, I figured I would run again til I pooped out, walk the rest of the way and call it a day 😉 Well, Sofia, this amazing tzidakus, skips back to where I’m at, and starts running with. Those that know my competitive side know that I can’t/won’t look like an idiot – so we ran at the same pace the rest of the way. Yes, that’s right we ran the rest of the way!!! OMG, I was so appreciative of Sofia staying with me. What motivation!

We returned to the dorm, and agreed to go for a walk and just catch up. After all, we hadn’t had an intimate conversation since Hookkupping…we had a blast! Talked about her weekend away in Eilat and Jordan, and then my weekend…you all remember that right?

We get back, and most of the girls are getting ready for Ziv’s birthday. His gf is organizing smtg. Sofia and I agree to get ready and go together since we are running behind anyway. At some point we look at each other and realize that pjs and a movie night sounds better after the intense workout. (ok, I call it intense…gotta look good to my American friends :] ) Although I’m dying for a post-workout shower, I start talking to Jenna about stuff…

Jenna and I really connect. It’s super strange/powerful. For those that know me well, I don’t connect often to people – nor do I particularly try. We talked about pasts, fears, etc. I won’t get into the nitty gritty, as the conversation was very private. But, I will say this…I really appreciate Jenna’s candidness and honesty. I liked how I open I could be with her, and knowing in my heart that she won’t reveal what we discussed. It was really hard for me to be so frank and open with her, but I feel that it was a step in the right direction for me. Less fear of the judgement people may pass on my past, and more open and aware of where I stand the pride I should feel as to how far I’ve gotten.

I’m working on the pride thing – and maybe the self confidence part too…After an almost 3 hour conversation, I showered and went to bed – there was no way I was going out. I was too raw.

But have no fear, those that expect that I should party up my stay in Israel…Monday’s Brian’s birthday and I promised to make an appearance. (anytime someone says “make an appearance” I think Hollywood…lol) Come Monday and Sofia and I go for another run. This time, I ran the whole way around!!! That’s right, the full 1.5 miles (well minus the 5 minutes we walked for warm up). We return to the dorms and I convince her that she should come with me. We’re dressed and ready to go (albeit late – hello it’s still me…). At Ben Yehuda – where everyone goes to party – we find the group. Brian is really drunk – surprise surprise. We sit down at his table, and not two minutes later there is an issue…Sam, Maayan’s bf, accidentally spills the Nargila (hookah) coal on Brian. Brian in response throws a coal at Sam. By this time Sam has already apologized, but Brian is being vengeful. It’s a really annoying situation, but Sam gets really pissed and instead of punching Brian (which he rightfully should have done) pays his portion and leaves. Brian starts yelling about something, but at this point he’s being a drunk asshole so Sofia and I wander up Ben Yehuda to see if anyone else is out or maybe just head home. And so begins a really good night…

We walk over to a bar on Ben Yehuda near Yaffe. (I forgot the name of the bar.) I see of few familiar faces, and we strike up conversation. This guy Jacob (to be known as Jacob1 later) introduces himself, as does another Jacob(to be known as Jacob2 later), Eddy and Orry. I’ve already met Orry, and take a moment to ask him if he’s going to be cool about Michelle hooking up with Michael – since I’m quite prone to anti-drama. I tell him that Brian kept bringing him up at all moments during the previous wknd, and it was annoying. Orry says that his one-time hook-up with Michelle is whatever, and he won’t cause drama. Yay, because really he’s a nice guy. After having a very strong mojito, a few of us agree to go to another bar bc this American sh*t is annoying. I’ll mention that Jacob1 and I got off to a funny start – he wanted to shake my hand and I responded in my usual manner. I don’t shake hands, I hug it out.

So, Jacob1, Jacob2, Orry, Sofia, Eddy, and I head over to this other place, Toy Club. Sofia needs to use the bathroom so I stay with her. We lose the guys but decide to stick around and dance…as it’s a really good workout! We’re dancing when some short Israeli guy grabs my arm and tells me he wants to dance. Clearly he’s not that cute because I want nothing to do with him and tell him we can dance another night. He says he’s leaving to Cancun the next day. He’s very persistent – and I can’t explain that unless I’m mildly buzzed, I have no rhythm. He continues to insist that we dance together, so Sofia and I pretend to leave. We head over to the back of the club and keep dancing. Somehow the guys find us, though it’s just Jacob1&2 and Eddy. We dance for a bit, and lose Jacob2. Jacob1 offers to get us shots, so we head over to the bar. (I wonder if he knows that’s the only way I will actually dance well…? LOL) Shots of tequila – yuck! We all keep dancing. My short Israeli finds me and tries to grab me away. I tell him that I’m here with friends, and can’t leave them. He’s grabbing me anyway, so they form a circle around me to block him. He walks away for a bit. Jacob1 was drinking what looked like water so I asked if I could have a sip. He has very little left, and lets me finish it. It’s not water!!! It is 2 shots of vodka in water. OMG – my head is kinda spinning. The buzz is definitely there… He laughs at me – but truth be told it was a good feeling. The short Israel takes this moment to approach again. This time Jacob1 tells him that we’re there “together” and are dating so I can’t dance with him. The guys says, “I don’t believe you.” So Jacob1 kisses me. Woah!

Well, at least this is my first Israeli kiss where I’m not thinking about anything else other than the kiss. I move my middle finger ring to my ring finer to show the guy that we’re serious. Jacob1 later tells me that he was going for a cheek kiss. RIGHT! I call him out on it – no way. He went for full mouth – I was just going with the flow 😉

We all continue to dance; Jacob2 randomly joins us at some points. I try to hook him up with a cute girl but instead of just dancing with her, he tries to talk to her in the loudest club…um ok? Eddy buys us another round of tequila shots. At this point I’ve sweated out the mojito, and enough time has gone by. The tequila shot is awful, but does the trick. We all keep dancing for a while. At some point, Sofia and I realize that it’s past 2am and we both have to be up early. Her more so than me. We try to leave but the DJ keeps putting on good songs. Finally, we’re getting ready to leave and especially since it’s getting really smoky and I can’t breathe very well. One last song comes on, but Sofia and Eddy are headed upstairs. Jacob1 grabs my arm to dance. During the song we kiss…Trust me, it was a lot cuter than I’m describing here…I later find out that Sofia and Eddy saw. :/

A cab ride back home with Sofia proves fun. She tells me that she had fun, and I respond that I did too. We talk about the night, and our plan to run the following day.

Oh what a Monday…

Tuesday and Wednesday are somewhat uneventful, so I will write a shortened version of what happened. Tuesday the idea comes up that we should all go away to Greece for a weekend. I’m so excited, and try to help organize. We have yet to finalize the details, but OMG! I run on both days, and by Wednesday I run the ENTIRE 1.5 miles without walking…at all!

Oh Thursday…what can I tell y’all? It was epic. It was legen– wait for it–dary!

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