Wait a minute…you haven’t met the crew

27 Jun

I’m going to write a brief description of everyone in my dorm so that you get a good picture…or at least my view.

We’re in building 7, floor 4. Going by room numbers…

Room 1 –

Lauren  (from Northbrook, just down the street from me!) – goes to UofI, is smart and has a dry sense of humor. Quite tall, but I forgive her 😉

Julia – From LA, Russian speaking!!!, very Russian in mannerisms (or so is my belief), somewhat quiet

Bath Sheva (Betty!!!) – Maayan’s roommate from Stonybrook College, NY, super sweet, from Azerbazhan (!!!), understands Russian but doesn’t speak it too well (then again, I’m a Russian speaking snob bc my ma helped me keep my awesome Russian), up to dance ALWAYS, sings Beyonce a lot!, laughs a lot

Room 2 –

Alex – from NJ, very serious when you first meet her, very into journalism, prefers real books to electronic ones – but also has an e-reader bc it’s so much easier to travel with them, goes out a lot – but we never really know where, and in my humble opinion the likeliest one to become frum (observant)

Maayan – from NY, very dark Israeli skin, found out she’s from South Africa!!!, has a bf on this trip – Sam, she’s very gentle/soft spoken, uber nice girl

Victoria – another Russian-speaking girl!, hilarious, super nice, very opinionated, also has a bf on the trip – Eugene, was the 2nd girl I met from my floor but was the first one to help me carry my luggage up the stairs!, sarcastic (ya know I like people that are sarcastic)

Room 3 –

Me – if you don’t know me by now, please stop reading this blog…but if you have any questions, please ask!

Nicole – my exercising-enforcing partner, super cute, also hilarious!!, sarcastic and smart, “naïve” (inside joke), and “isn’t worried about it”, we connect really well

Shani – quiet but opinionated, it’s hard to gauge if she likes or dislikes something until she gets excited, goes out more than my entire floor combined (as in she leaves @10pm and walks in around 730am…don’t ask, don’t tell) 😉 had great grocery store shopping skills, and wants the same fro-yo I do

Room 4 –

Jenna – what can I say about the best Madricha ever?! Her kindness knows no boundaries, she connects with all the girls differently, and has the most eclectic taste in clothing. When Jenna smiles it’s quite heart-warming. This girl does everything! She cooks for soldiers, she takes care of our needs, she helps out at Heritage Hostel, and she knows the best places for waxing, massages, and shopping. PS – she’s also really smart, knows French, and has class. Let’s all be in awe of her…

Floor 5

Room 3 –

Sofia – my running partner!!!, Super nice girl, also Russian-speaking, really funny and loves to laugh, comes up with funny words, and probably has her head on straight more than the rest of us

Room 4 –

Jackie – ALLERGIC TO PEANUTS, very opinionated, from Texas – y’all, super skinny, carries her blue purse/bag with her everywhere, likes to ask for directions

Sheba – ok, admittedly I barely know her, but she came up with the Greece trip, so we gotta love her


Now, speaking of things I may forget to post:

–          We’re trying to get a trip to Greece for 4 days,3 nights. Yup, that’s right! Santorini here I come, and Crete too.

–          Lauren & I realized we live down the street from each other, but I always forget until she reminds me that she’s from Chicago too…

–          My mouthy-ness has not gotten me into trouble so far…I’m just as surprised as those of you reading this back home.

–          Jackie’s allergy to peanuts is a topic for conversation…a lot. If before no one cared about having peanut butter, now it’s almost a staple. It’s ok – we keep her safe. (We hide the peanut butter in my room.)

–          I’m super sad that Sofia is moving to the JEWEL program at the end of week 3 – especially since I really like her and want to get to know her better.

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