Week 2…Mild return to civilization

24 Jun

Week 2

Sunday is a bit of a haze – there’s morning, and evening. After everyone is back from their internships, we hang out, and agree to watch a movie. BUT?!?! Where do we find a movie…Netflix doesn’t work here, and no one has movies on their computer. Jenna, the awesomest madricha ever, gets movies from a friend and we watch “Phantom of the Opera”. The French girls from our building join us – what a cluster of languages. I’m able to mildly communicate with them – but even that’s a stretch. Madame Kasel would be so disappointed in my French skills.

Monday is fun – tho I don’t remember it too much. What I do remember is GETTING A PHONE. I agreed to meet Nicole after her work. We went up to the phone store and I got a SIM card. Why you ask, since Misha was supposed to get me one…because he didn’t and I needed to wait an additional week. Frustrating! So, I had 53 minutes to call and text…wahoo! You have no idea how nice it is to be able to reach people…And make plans…or not. We went shopping, hung out, got food, and just chilled. What a fun time!

Tuesday …I don’t remember it well. I joined Jenna at her artsy internet café. There’s this mojito-like drink that they make, just without the alcohol. OMG SO delicious! We spent the day relaxing and using the internet. I absolutely loved feeling connected to the world. This is so western – but what can I say? We were going to go to the shuk party, but the girls back at the form were pooped…a night of girl talk.

Wednesday – I went out with the girls to the shuk to try cherry beer…It’s disgusting unless you like drinking cough syrup. We then went out with the group to Ben Yehuda Street. So American. But, the good news is that I met Brian, who works with the Doctor I was going to be working with! Upon hearing my name, Brian says, “I’ve heard about you today.” As Lena knows, my reaction, “Uh oh.” We all hung out, some people got drunk (Ahem NG & MJ). The evening was interesting though – tequila shots galore (tho I didn’t have any).

Thursday…I made plans with two other girls to go to Tel Aviv with their group. Turns out they were going with a bunch of people. Michelle, the new girl, joined us too. Thursday afternoon, we went to Tachana Merkazit, and took off to Tel Aviv. Turns out that there were approx 15 of us…Three of the guys decided to miss the bus and go eat. So when we got to Tel Aviv’s Tachan Merkazit we waited for them. Then we proceeded to get lost. I got them to the right place, and off we went. (See this is why people should listen to me when it comes to directions…)

Instead of partying at a club, I convinced everyone to go to the beach for a midnight swim – and bring a beer or whatnot with. It was so much fun – we even did chicken war in the water. The water, by the way, was SO warm. Some of the people got tired, and we agreed to go back. Some people wanted to see the sun rise – so they went back, I accidentally fell asleep. I asked them to wake me, but no one did. I guess I should be grateful but I’m sad I missed the sunrise! I guess I’ll have to go back for that. 😉

A new post for what happens next is required…quite the story. :)~

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