Week 2…continued, but with kharif (spicy)

24 Jun

As I write the title of this blog, I remember that just this week, my madricha gave me a nickname I forgot to mention…Kharif. For those of you who speak/know Hebrew, you know it’s fitting. 🙂 (For the rest, kharif means spicy. Fitting, right?)

So, to continue with the story. Ever since I got a phone, my mom was hounding me to call her friends. I did, but no answer. Well, earlier in the week I was in touch with them, and they wanted to set me up with a guy. OK, cool. So when I was in Tel Aviv, we were in touch, and agreed to meet Friday night. Now, back to the rest of the story before the date…

I should mention that upon arriving Thursday @ the hostel, I realized what kinda shithole this place is! I can’t believe they booked it. Well, I’m glad I’m not spending any more time than I need to there…

Friday morning, I went to take care of some lady business (as you’ll recall, I had things to do on my errand list). I get back to the hostel, and can’t find anyone. I head over to the beach and see Amadeus and we find Michael and Michelle. AJ is with them. Now, to mention, there will be some Thursday & Friday flip flop. We’re hanging out and having fun, and the rest of the group is nowhere to be found. See, they went Shabbat food shopping. Zach and Yonna find us at the beach, and we all hang out. We take turns watching the stuff, goofing around in the water, and all-in-all just having a blast. It was my turn to get out of the water, and I wanted to tan for a bit, so I went out. I lay down, and AJ follows me. (Mini back story, the night before, he and I had some long conversations, and hung out – but mostly it was a group hangout.) As I’m laying down, we talk for a bit and he kisses me. I’m completely surprised! But, the kiss wasn’t that great. Mind you, he’s 20 years old. He still has a lot to learn. I will say this, it was sweet of him. But during this kiss all I could think was, “Why is he doing this? This is not what I want. I’m bored, and you’re killing my tanning time.” I know, I know – I’m bad. But what can I say, there was NO chemistry there!

In the evening, the rest of the group finally join us on the beach, but at that point we’re ready to head back. LOL. For Shabbat, everyone is dressed nice. The people observing Shabbat are getting ready for their meal, while the rest of us are prepping to go out, after we do Shabbat with them for a bit.

Misha meets me at the hostel around 830pm to give me my new SIM card! Wahoo! Too bad I couldn’t use it right away bc my phone battery was dead, and because I was waiting for my date to call. We had agreed to meet that night around 9ish. As far as the group was concerned, I was meeting up with a family friend – and well, that’s kinda true. (Y’all back home know I’m private about this stuff.)

Ah, details about the date…It was nice! He picked me up, and we went to a café near Clara. First we parked the car, and he told me that he doesn’t really know tel aviv. So we walked for about an hour (mind you, I’m wearing heels…) and then we turn around and head over to the café near where we parked. I order a Turkish coffee, and he can’t believe I like it. But it’s true – I like good coffee. Afterwards, we talk about life in the USA, life here in Israel, work and typical first date stuff. In the middle, my mom calls and since I hadn’t been able to talk to her all day, I pick up. He steps away for a minute and orders us mojitos (we already discussed that I like those by this point). So yummy! We continue talking for a while, and since I kinda told the group back at the hostel that I’d be done by 11 I felt bad that I was out so late. Oh well. We stayed and chatted for another hour or so, and he took me back. Not without the group calling me 3 times…LOL. I got back to the hostel, and everyone wanted to know where I’d been. I was able to divert the attention by grabbing a mixed drink they made for me and giving them a sneaky smile.

As I walked back to the patio, Andrew informs me that he’s moving into the girl room. Um, ok. I tell him that after we’re back, I’ll need my contact solution and pjs. He asks me to grab it now. I don’t think about it too much, and go up to grab my stuff for the night. I end up taking my suitcase to the guys’ room. Michelle, Michael, Brian, AJ and I end up going out. I will right away mention that AJ is pretty drunk. The group is so insistent on going to a club that I indulge them. We walk over to Clara (!!!) and they don’t let us in because we’re not on the list and because AJ was so stumbling drunk. BTW they took a bottle of Israeli juice, mixed it with Vodka and walked to the club drinking that…need I say more? We start walking back and decide to go for another midnight swim…Brian takes his shorts off and starts to go into the water in his boxers, AJ falls to the sad and starts getting sick, Michael & Michelle go off to make out. Good times :/

We manage to get AJ upright, and walk him back to the hostel. I won’t indulge in the details of his getting sick, or what I had to say to him to keep him walking but we get him back to the hostel. And into bed. And he starts puking! It was colorful. In the middle of taking care of AJ, Zach approaches me and says that him and two other guys in the room agree and they don’t want me sleeping in the room. Um ok. I had understood from Lauren and Andrew that they took care of this, and I say so to Zach. He says that no one told him, and he’s not having it. He says, “I don’t want to listen to you having sex.” I am looking at him shocked! My response? “I’m not having sex with anyone, at any time on this trip.” Are you seriously saying that to me? That’s so disrespectful! I never once gave the vibe that I’d be having sex with anyone of the dudes.

**I must mention that Michael and Michelle were all over each other all day long. In the water, on the beach, and they even left early to have some alone time in the room while everyone was still at the beach.**

Back to the situation at hand. I tell Zach that Lauren and Andrew are now sleeping, and that I’m not waking them. He says that I’m going with him and we’ll wake them together. I say no to that. I’m not comfortable doing that, and they guys’ room has 2 extra beds, why, again, can’t I sleep there? He again reiterates that I can’t stay in their room. OK. I basically figure that I’m going to have to go to another hostel. I’m fairly annoyed that he’s acting this way, but most of all – I’m not sure where I’m to go sleep @ 3am. Well, during all this, Brian goes upstairs and wakes Andrew and Lauren. Lauren comes out of the room and is basically mad at me and yelling at me why we woke her up. Andrew comes out of the room dazed and a little annoyed. Julia was woken as well bc she had been sleeping in Andrew’s bed. Michelle is crying bc she thinks she was called a whore. Finally, Julia, Michelle and I go to bed. I’m sleeping on the edge of the bed bc the other girls aren’t giving up much space…

Lesson learned – only go on trips with people you aren’t close with if you’re the one booking the rooms.

Morning comes, and I’m more upset that I was the night before. I’m not sure if it’s because I didn’t sleep well or because he was so offensive and it finally hit me. But I go into the guys room, and AJ is awake – though still hungover. In front of everyone, just as Zach did to me, I tell him that he cannot EVER speak to me the way he did that night. I don’t know what gave him the idea that I would be having any kind of relations with anyone on this trip. The disrespect he showed me is inappropriate and unkind. He apologized, justified his actions by saying that when you’re out of the country, people tend to hook up and he didn’t want to listen to that. I told him that I don’t know what kind of people he hangs out with, but I’m not that girl, and he doesn’t know me to judge me that way. I also told him that I in no way gave anyone the impression that I was going to do anything but sleep in that room. Glad that it was our last night there. We waited for the “shomer shabbos” crew to do their thing, and then went to the beach for the day. The water was perfect, the sun was shining, and I enjoyed myself.

In the evening, we went back and showered at the hostel, though they didn’t seem too pleased with us. Ooops? Dinner was sushi – Chicago sushi is WAY better. (I know that Florina is probably thinking that NYC sushi is better, but she’s WRONG.) The kosher crew left without us, and truth it wasn’t such a bad thing. Since Zach and his two followers, Amadeus and Yonna, went exploring the city we didn’t have to worry about them either.

The five of us grab a sherut, and head to Tachana Merkazit. Except Michelle realizes that she left Michael’s camera at the sushi restaurant. They hop off the sherut and run back. Michelle had lost her phone, and since Michael doesn’t have a phone we couldn’t even reach them. Oy! Brian had to stay on the sherut bc he dropped his camera into the trunk, I stayed on bc I didn’t want to miss the last bus to my dorm and pay for an expensive cab ride and AJ couldn’t get off bc I had to lend him money to pay for the sherut.

We get on the Egged and ride back to Jerusalem. Wifi on the Egged!! So exciting! Zach and his two followers, Amadeus and Yonna, happened to also be on our bus, but wouldn’t sit with us. Whatever. On the Egged, I was looking at my phone and saw a text message Lauren sent me the previous night. She writes, “Hey Andrew and I are sleeping in the big bed. When u come back can u crash in amadeuss room? Thanks!” Upon reading this, the first thing I say to Brian and AJ is how lucky she is that I only saw this on the bus. How absolutely rude! Especially since she saw me, and could have talked to me before all this happened. Ugh.

What a weekend…the good, the funny, and the annoying – but we ignore ALL bad things on this trip.

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