Internship woes

23 Jun

So, when I was still in Chicago, I knew that there may be some troubles with getting me an internship since I was joining the program so late. But, I was promised that it would be worked out asap. So, I figured that going to Israel is the right decision – no matter what, when else would I have an opportunity of a lifetime to just be there for 6 weeks, work side-by-side with Israelis, AND enjoy life?!?

During my first week, my internship was kinda messed up. The emergency center that I was originally going to be working at could not accommodate me because they were overstaffed with interns, and not enough nurses that could take me on and know English. Annoying. Part of the problem was that I needed to meet with the main doctor who places interns with the medical staff, and she scheduled an appointment with me the Monday that I arrived, but no one told me. And no one told her that I only arrive Monday. Oooops?

By the time I finally met with her, she was annoyed that it took so long to meet. I tried to meet with her asap, but her schedule is so hectic, and she was somewhat unaccommodating in terms of meeting. I offered to travel anywhere, and she made a fuss. Ladno… Finally we made plans to meet at Alyn Hospital. I asked her about how to get there. She said she’s not really sure, but that I should be there by 10am. Um, ok? I asked around, and no one knew where this was. I finally figured out how to get there, with the help of some selfless Israelis. I was SO late because the directions that she gave me were TERRIBLE. Then, when I finally met with her, I waited for an hour to see her, just to talk for 5-10 mins. She of course had to comment that I was 2 hrs late. Did I mention that it’s her fault bc she gave me the WORST directions on earth.

I still needed to wait a few days to get ahold of the nurse I would work with, and that was not easy. Finally, the program director put in a call, and I was to be transferred to an actual hospital. The girl that helps organize the internships was not in touch, and didn’t keep me updated, so I took matters into my own hands. Rabbi Alter’s close friend runs the ENTIRE emergency department at Sha’ari Zedek Hospital (for those that aren’t aware, this is a HUGE hospital in Israel, and known worldwide). I asked for his phone number, and arranged my internship through him. So, now I am working in the Emergency Department of Sha’ari Zedek Hospital with an AMAZING nurse that is teaching me EVERYTHING.

So excited, and it’s only a 30 minute bus ride!

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