Before I write about my adventures…

11 Jun

Ah Israel! The feeling I get when the airplane is on final approach – I’m home!!! Well, I had it again 🙂

I hate the fact that I “lose” 8 hours when I travel to Israel – it’s almost dumb, but I feel that every moment here I can be doing something…so then why write a blog, instead of just “doing” “something”? Well, I feel that my emails are redundant, and I wanted to share what I’m up to…And y’all ought to miss me since I’m gone for 6 whole weeks!!!

To explain my time here, I will probably jump around a lot, and I will probably be a tad bit unfocused at times, but I will share the highlights of my trip…and obviously funny moments. Don’t you worry, I’ve already managed to make an ass outta myself. Mostly, I’m enjoying the trip, and all that comes with it 🙂

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